Transcranial volumetric imaging using a conformal ultrasound patch. (

These scientists wanted to find a better way to monitor blood flow in the brain. They created a special patch with ultrasound technology that can take pictures of the blood vessels in the brain in 3D. This patch is like a sticker that sticks to the skin on the head. It sends out ultrasound waves that can see through the skull and show the blood flow inside the brain.

They tested this patch on 36 people and compared it to the traditional method of using a probe to monitor blood flow. The results showed that the patch was very accurate and could show the blood flow speed in different parts of the brain. They found that the patch worked well and could even detect changes in blood flow when people were feeling sleepy.

Overall, this new patch is a cool invention that helps doctors see inside the brain without being invasive, making it easier to monitor blood flow and study how the brain works.

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