Photocatalytic doping of organic semiconductors. (

These scientists found a new way to make electronic devices work better by adding a special kind of chemical called a dopant. Usually, dopants are strong chemicals that can be harmful, but these scientists discovered a way to use a weak and safe chemical found in the air as a dopant. They did this by shining light on the electronic material and using the air to help change how the electricity moves through it. This new method can make electronic devices work even faster and more efficiently. It's like giving a superpower to the material to make it work better in our gadgets!

Jin W., Yang CY., Pau R., Wang Q., Tekelenburg EK., Wu HY., Wu Z., Jeong SY., Pitzalis F., Liu T., He Q., Li Q., Huang JD., Kroon R., Heeney M., Woo HY., Mura A., Motta A., Facchetti A., Fahlman M., Loi MA., Fabiano S. Photocatalytic doping of organic semiconductors. Nature. 2024 May 15. doi: 10.1038/s41586-024-07400-5.

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