GLP-1-directed NMDA receptor antagonism for obesity treatment. (

These scientists created a special molecule that can help treat obesity, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol in animals. The molecule combines two different actions - one that blocks a certain receptor in the brain and another that activates a different receptor related to controlling appetite and blood sugar levels. By targeting specific areas in the brain, they were able to avoid negative side effects that can happen when using the blocking action alone. This study shows that this approach could be a safe and effective way to treat obesity in the future.

Petersen J., Ludwig MQ., Juozaityte V., Ranea-Robles P., Svendsen C., Hwang E., Kristensen AW., Fadahunsi N., Lund J., Breum AW., Mathiesen CV., Sachs L., Moreno-Justicia R., Rohlfs R., Ford JC., Douros JD., Finan B., Portillo B., Grose K., Petersen JE., Trauelsen M., Feuchtinger A., DiMarchi RD., Schwartz TW., Deshmukh AS., Thomsen MB., Kohlmeier KA., Williams KW., Pers TH., Frolund B., Stromgaard K., Klein AB., Clemmensen C. GLP-1-directed NMDA receptor antagonism for obesity treatment. Nature. 2024 May 15. doi: 10.1038/s41586-024-07419-8.

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